LINKO-MAK is brand of under the EFEOGLU GROUP. Started manufaction of the plants 2012 for Libyan project. First Plant is done in Tripli 240 ton / hour. also manufacted full and semi-automatic brick block machinery. Within very high exprenies mechanical engineers and stuffs LINKO-MAK has very high capability for development of machines.

- Linkomak has been the leader in the ready-mix industry in Turkey.

- As the first company to import ready-mix concrete plants in Turkey.

- Built expertise for over 25 years with in-depth local industry knowledge.

- We are constantly improving our product portfolio and service offerings in alignment with innovation. Technical expertise and customer-centric vision.

- We deliver the mission of generating real-world solutions for our customers.


Service is renowned for its exceptional customer service through REPAIR SPARE PART SERVICE 7/24 with best of - class engineers technical experts and a global sales team.